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  About My ITI  Gyan

My ITI Gyan is a part of the movement to liberate every human being for electrical and mechanical knowledge.

Spoiler:-  This is very simple reading blog and so long!

hello everyone

 Welcome to My ITI Gyan (MIG)- A electrical and mechanical community blogger who is popularly known as my iti Gyan. These bloggers need to peruse the online materials for their examination and development of their electrical and mechanical information.

 This blog is completely dependent on modern preparing based. Modern preparing, designing, mechanical material consistently give by on this blog. The perusers are not forgotten about our blog since we are accommodating your best examination materials.

about us
Yashwant Singh

Yashwant Singh
 is the Founder of My ITI Gyan. in. He is an electrical mechanical Trainer and he provides you with electrical and mechanical-based knowledge in this blog and essayist way to provide and he is additionally associated with the agribusiness field in India. It has made considerable progress from its beginnings in beginning April 2020

 why we make this blog?

This is the hour of occupied and a few people would prefer not to invest their energy in establishments so they need to learn on the web and a few people are not going through the cash for their any preparation so they need to some fundamental information increase through the web.

This is the hour of web-based refreshing that is the reason we thought why likewise, we are work a blog for their kin networks who need to get back familiar with modern preparing . Therefore we manage to build a really interesting and important matter because the above-mentioned people who find themselves suggest us.

We are made constantly helpful and significant substance incorporates our blog. We're focused on giving you the most flawlessly awesome of knowledge, with an accentuation on each blog or anybody.

We are an autonomous substance and article essayist. We trust you to make the most of our administration as much as we appreciate offering them to you if you have any appointments or comments kindly don't stop for some minute to connect with us.
on the off chance that you have extreme request stay toward us grapevine we are going to
we will back to answer you for your request.

Some Basics and advanced electrical knowledge or mechanical knowledge.

 we will attempt to finish the manual for related topics.
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    Best regards
Yashwant Singh

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