I have purchased a Kumar’S self priming monoblock pump how to install it

I have purchased a Kumar’S self-priming monoblock pump how to install it

Features of self-priming pump

From the point of view of a Tulu pump, the Kumar monoblack pump carries a reliable stamp of prime quality in the mechanical seal pump being made of bronze metal impellers for aging and durability. Vibration-free bearings are of superior quality for any smooth running.

Components such as the pump's casting part shafts and impellers are designed for high accuracy at computerized numerical control machining centers that are more secure and efficient.


A thermal overload protector that turns off the power supply to the motor when the air temperature rises regularly and rises, eliminating the coil ignites those problems.


self priming monoblock pump how to install it
centrifugal monoblock pump

Good quality components used for inside components such as stamping or copper wire are fitted with insulation and switches to maintain exemplary performance and maximum life!

To maintain more production capacity for 40% additional discharge

The body of the motor is made of high or high quality and extra aluminum \ cast iron.

Equipped with an imported thermal overload protector that automatically turns off the power supply to the motor when the speed exceeds the winding safety level. In this way, the coil burning events can be completely eradicated.

Best quality bearings free operation for more noise or noise, enough to run and function smoothly

The shaft makes a strong core with strong stainless steel.

 The impeller is hard gunmetalized to strengthen the impeller and for longer product life.

And has an aluminum seal and a high mechanical seal.

It has the capability to withstand face fluctuations from 180V to 250V.

Overview of centrifugal monoblock pump

Centrifugal monoblock pumps are one of the most commonly used pumps in India. The centrifugal pump acts above the central force, hence these pumps are more popularly acting through a central force from the central electric motor. These pumps are installed in a dry place to avoid rain and store and pump water as they wish from the source of water through an electric motor and pump connected to a motor (monoblock pump).


How a monoblock pump works

Monoblock pumps are surface pumps and draw water through the suction pipe and reach the eye of the water pump. Through the suction pipe, the water enters the pump through the eye of the impeller and receives kinetic energy, and the central Is pushed into the solute by force. A stationary chamber with a slowly increasing area converts the kinetic energy of the solute water into pressure (head) because it allows the water to be transported to the point of use. Monoblock pumps operate on negative suction and in positive suction where the pump is below the water level but not submerged!


Monoblock pump applications are limited by suction lift when working in negative suction! The suction or suction lift is limited to 6 meters, taking into account friction losses inside the pipeline. A suction lift or reverse or negative pressure on the suction side is the pressure gradient between the level of the water surface at the center of the pump and the tank or store of water.


How to install a monoblock pump?

Appropriate bolts should be used to fit or install monoblock pumps, and those bolts should be placed equally between the flat surface of the concrete. Recommended pipe sizes should be used on the suction and discharge side. The pump should be installed such that the distance from the pump center hydraulic center to the surface of the water in the well or tank should be less than 3 meters. Attach a foot valve (foot valve) to the end of the suction pipe and ensure that it is sufficiently submerged in water. Lower the pipe fittings on the suction line to minimize any type of damage. The pump set should provide a properly ventilated enclosure to avoid rain and dust.


Performance and features of monoblock pump

1 monoblock pump 43m Considered suitable for pumping water till

2 This pump has a discharge capacity of up to 60 liters on Mint!

3 This pump is designed for single-phase voltage operation. It operates at 180 to 240 volts for a single phase.

self priming monoblock pump how to install it
monoblock pump

4 It is fitted with shielded ball bearings which can withstand temperatures up to 155 ° C!

5 Inside this pump are very good suction lift features

6 It has motors installed with class B insulation!

7 The motors used in this are high-grade enamel and copper wire.

8 Inbuilt thermal overload protectors are provided for all single-phase pumps.

9 Dynamically balanced rotating parts or pumps are tightened with nut bolts along the base to reduce vibration or vibration of the pump, reducing vibration!

10 brass impellers are used inside the pump!

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