how to confirm delivery Día of pump

While designing piping for pump how to confirm delivery Dia of pump

Choosing the size of the pump discharge pipe is a process in which several factors are considered. Here we have to see how choosing the right size discharge pipe can reduce the operating time and cost, thus we have to choose the size of the discharge pipe.

We want it to be necessary to improve the operation of the dining pump.

 some of the System delivery Día of pump

If we have to measure the discharge of the pumping system, first, we have to divide the pipe system into three parts in pumping.

1 pump element

2 liquids

3 energy

It means process elements, products, or services, and control elements and product quality improvement.


Here is an example piping system layout showing the elements of the pump and process. The system is controlled by closing the pump when not needed.


how to confirm delivery Día of pump
pump suction and discharge pipe



some pumps are work at 2960 RPM and 3000 RPM.


Process elements include a supply tank ie a suction tank with a liquid level of zero meters above the normal datum.


Destination tanks have a liquid level of 62 m above the common datum. A small pipeline with a diameter of 350 mm serves as the suction line of the pump with negligible head loss.


The discharge pipe made of steel schedule 20 pipe has a length of 600 m. We will vary the pipe diameter to show how changes in pipe diameter affect the flow rate through the system.


Finally, the control elements of the system include an on or off / off or off control for the pump. When the suction tank is pumped down it stops to prevent the pump from drying when the supply or suction tank is full then the pump turns on.


The result is that all the energy supplied by the pump is used to move the fluid through the process elements. Now when we have three elements defined.


Looking at the system


First, we will look at systems with 150 (6 ") mm nominal size discharge pipes. The diameter of the pump as per discharge flange. System Connecting the loss of pipeline head with the static head of



how to confirm delivery Día of pump
daigram of pipline

The result of 62.9 is 103.97 m for process and control. To check this, we can see from the pump curve, that through the system "171.9m3;" A flow rate of rate is such that the heat produced by the pump head equal to consumed by process controlled element.

Parameters of pipeline size


In order to shape the pipelines before the pump is fitted, the company has built piping instructions rather than the detailed cost that the process handles based on liquid liquids!

 These specialties are developed over time based on the needs and experiences of the company.

How does the pump manufacturer select a diameter?

 There are several different reasons why pump construction does not shape the pump discharge flag for the recommended pipe diameter:


The distance of the fluid from the discharge flange to the discharge flange is shorter than that of the discharge piping. And the high fluid velocity within the pump is used due to limited fluid loss and limited head loss due to the stationary pump.


 The pump is discharged according to the footprint. The larger the discharge is, the larger the footprint of the pump will be. One of the major costs of the pump in the case of a pump, which will increase a larger flow!


A manufacturer can trim or reduce the impeller to reduce the number of castings required to meet the pumping needs of its customers! Or design the pump to operate at different synchronous speeds.


And finally the conclusion


As you stated above, it is not a recommended practice to select a pump discharge pipe based on pump discharge.

 Sizing the pipe diameter to match the pump discharge diameter resulted in greater unit costs for pumping the process fluid.


Also, the smaller pipe diameter for this system resulted in reduced flow rates through the system.


The result was that by properly shaping the pipeline you can reduce not only your operating costs but also when the pump needs to be operated. In the example of our food and drink, it will expel the mine faster, which will make the operation of the mine faster.




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