What is Gauges ?What Is Gauges Means

What is Gauges? What Is Gauges Mean

                        Many types of measuring tools are used in the factory where there is more production, there are some tools in which only a certain size can be measured, the size of which it is made to measure. Cannot be increased or subtracted like micrometers or calipers but with such tools, not only a skilled artisan but one can measure the work accurately, such a measure is called a tool gauge.

Gauges  and template

Filler gauge

Genzo can be divided into three main parts: -
1 workshop gauge
2 inspection gauge
3 reference gauge

                       Gauges Different types of gauges are used for making different types of jobs, which are of the following types: -

• Radius Gauge and Fillet Gauge
• filler gauge
• Screw Peach Gauge
• Wire and sheet gauges
• Limit gauge

Wire gauge

Types of limit gauges
1. Plug Gauge
2. Ring Gauge
3. Snap Gauge
4. Caliper Gauge
5. Gap Gauge
Bevel gauge

1. Universal Bevel Gauge
2. Combination Bever Gauge

6. Depth Gauge
7. Center Gauge
8. slip gauge etc.

Filler gauge and snap gauge

Safety precautions to be taken while using the gauge
1. Grease is applied to the gage block to protect the gage from rust, so before using the gage block, it should be carefully cleaned thoroughly with tissue paper or chamois leather.
2. The gage block should not be used excessively and it should never be rubbed by hand, the moisture of the hand can spoil the precision of its surface.
3. While using the gauge, it should always be held up by the armpit.
4. While using gage block on hard metal, it should be kept in mind that it does not scratch.
5. Pressure and temperature must also be taken into account for taking more accurate measurements.
6. Gage should not be used for a long time.
7. The gages should be kept from falling, after using the ganja, they should be cleaned and kept in a safe place.
8. If the gage is used on a lot of jobs, then the size of the gage should be checked.
What is a template? What is a template?
Many types of parts are produced in the workshop. There are some which are made in stander size and can be checked by snap gauges, ring gauges, etc. Apart from this, there are many parts that are cropped in cropped size. It has to be made and such parts need to be marked and checked for which standard size gauge cannot be used. Therefore, to overcome this deficiency, a device has been designed which is called a template.

The template is usually made from a plate of 2 or 3 millimeters thick mild steel according to the size of the job. It should be kept in mind that when designing the template, its metal should not be too expensive and its design should be such that it is easy to work. To use.
Advantage of template
1. Marking and chipping can be done easily and in a short period of time while producing a large number of parts through a template.
2. More parts can be produced in less time than this.
3. Using it reduces labor costs.
4. If for some reason the design of the template is not job-friendly, then it can also be changed at a lower cost.
How to use a template
1. The template is used to check the fixed shape of a job.
2. When multiple jobs of the same shape are being created, a template can be used to perform them and the jobs are checked with a template to create them.

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