what is Combination set ? how to use verneir bevel protector .

Where combination set is used?

In the upcoming blog, we will read how to use Try square or Babel Square to check the angles between two arms.

But the blades of these tools are up to 100 and 150mm and if tools with longer blades are used, they can not give an accurate measurement, so to measure the angle of long work segments, marking them and knowing the center of the spherical job. The combination set is used to do.

Let’s Know what is Combination set

It is an extremely useful tool for fitting and machine shape. This single tool has the arrangement of the scarred hand, protector hand, center head, and these three heads are used for different tasks by stabilizing them in the desired position on the steel rule. 

combination set
Combination set

It consists of a rule made of steel with marks on one end of inches and centimeters and millimeters on the other end, markings of centimeters on one end, and a ruler of millimeters on the other end are useful for the metric system. This rule is found in different lengths from 20 cm to 60 cm. The middle of the width of the steel rule is made of a rectangular-shaped groove of its entire length, with the help of a lock screw and peen, the three heads are held using it. Like a rule, marking and measuring are done. It is usually used for a rule of 12 or 30 mm in length. The size of the combination set is also displayed according to the length of its rule or blade. And so on.

Safety precautions to be taken while using a combination set

1 combination set or any of its departments should be prevented from getting hurt or falling, otherwise, there is a difference in its council.

2 It should be thoroughly cleaned before use.

3 It should not be used on any rough surface.

4 Combination sets should not be placed with the cutting tool.

By setting 5 blades on any part of the set, neither leave them too tight nor loose.

6 While using it in work, only one head should be used and the remaining heads should be kept separately.

7 After the work is over, it should be cleaned thoroughly and kept in the proper place.

What is Vernier Bevel Protractor?

It is a fine tool for measuring angles, it has a vernier scale, with the help of which it can measure an angle of 1/2 inch (1 to 12) i.e. 5 minutes in precision.

Vernier bevel Protector
Vernier bevel Protector

The Vernier Bevel Protractor has 6 main parts: -

1 Base or stock

2 Disc or Main Scale

3 Dail clamping nut

4 Dail

5 blade

6 Blade clamping screw


Vernier bevel protractor


List count Vernier Bevel Protractor

Vernier bevel protractors have a minimum of 1/2 degree = 5 min.


Minor = value of 1 part of the main scale

                       Vernier Scale Number of a field

   = 1/2 degree = 5 minutes.


Safety precautions to be taken while using Vernier Bevel Protractor

1 vernier bevel protractor is a microscopic measuring device so it should not be placed with the cutting tool.

2 It should not be used on a rough surface.

3 If necessary, magnifying glass should be used while taking readings.

After doing 4, it should be cleaned well.

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