What is a Drill machine? And its types and work.

working principle of drill machine and types of drill machine 

  Drill and drilling Work section grab on a Burma machine Work handling device on a drilling machine The forces that rotate the drill on the work block at the time of drilling action are the value of these forces when the point of drilling To come out, so in order to neutralize these forces, the work sections need to tie the drilling on the gas to the Daryl machine, tying the job loosely or by handcuffing has very dangerous consequences because of serious injury by moving the job due to torque. The following tips are mostly used to fasten the drilling machine to the job.

                                                                     hole on iron with drill 

drilling hole

1. Wise

2. Angle Plate

3. V Block

4. T Carbon

5. clamp

6. Podicar block

7. Tool devices

What is the function of the drill?

 It is very important to have a drill machine to make or connect any pump part, such as many parts of the pump need to be pierced. There are many parts of the pump whose parts are pierced and joined together. And when connecting the multistage pump casing through the road, a hole is needed at both ends of the casing so that the shaft is inserted into both ends and both ends of it can be tightened with a nut.

What is Drill DL or Verma?

The drill is a cutting tool using which the holes of a circular car are made, which are used with the help of a drill machine, the action by which round leads are made from the drilling and drilling machine is called drilling. Drilling is the machining process by which the drilling process is performed on a drilling machine giving the rotating speed and axial motion of the cutting tool to the solid material in which the tool rotates and the rotating speed of the working sections and the unshielded motion to the cutting tool Giving drilling is done on the lathe machine, the cutting tool used in the drilling operation is called Drill Verma.

working tools

A drill is made from high carbon steel or high-speed carbon. A high carbon steel drill is used for soft metal and a high-speed steel drill for hard metal. Huh:-

1. Flat Burma

2. upright corrugated Verma

3. Burmese of Taper C.K.

4. Oil hole Verma

5. Center hole Verma

What is the Drilling Machine?

Drilling operation means drill from hole to hole is held in the spindle of the drill machine and rotated at a fast speed and the machine used for this work is called drilling machine.

                                          these are hand tools that work for drilling

Cutting speed and feed

The moving speed is the speed of the perimeter of the drill which can be measured in the British method in feet/minute and in the metric system in meters/minute, thus in 1 minute if the metal chip cut by drill is placed in a straight line at the foot. Or, if measured in meters, it will be equal to its shearing speed, for different metals, the rattan speed is different.

Inch size ki drill (C's) shearing speed = πdn / 12 foot per / main.

Metric size drill C's = πdn / 1000


Drill cutting the metal to the depth of the job in each cycle, it is called Prabhakaran.

Charge feed = Depth of hole / Time × RPM = L / TN



The use of shelves is very important while drilling. If the cull is not used, the drill may break or break. When drilling, the drill rubs over the job, then the heat is generated to remove that heat. Kant is used to doing. Kulwant can usually be oil or water etc.

Safety precautions to be taken during drilling

1. Job and drill should be firmly held while drilling operation.

2. Small holes should be made before making a large size hole.

3. The shearing angle of the drill should be well ground.

4. The job should use the appropriate amount of Poland according to the metal.

5. Cutting chips should never be cleaned by hand.

6. Do not try to change the speed of the moving machine.

7. While drilling in-depth, the drill must be ejected a little at a time so that the chips keep coming out completely.

8. After the drilling operation, a drill drift should be used to drive the drill or drill check out of the spindle of the machine.

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